Yes, the Angry Beaton blog has risen again...

This website was created in 2003 when it was a Moveable Type blog - yes, before the days of WordPress. It was converted into static blog pages and the other bits and pieces like the photo galleries were added in 2006. It also was the home of the very popular geography quiz which sadly is now defunct due to the demise of Flash... yes it was written in Flash.

From 2007 to 2010 it was only updated with the Capital Ring and London Loop walks and a couple of photo galleries, and then from 2010 onwards it lay undisturbed for SEVEN years...

In 2017 it went into hibernation and now in 2020 it has been magically restored. It is still pretty much the same site as it was over 10 years ago, except now with lots of broken links...

The future of this site is yet to be determined....

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